Welcome to GundogTV
Welcome to GundogTV

Welcome to GundogTV

GundogTV is a monthly subscription service which guarantees new training videos every week, plus access to catalogue of training videos. 

Currently featuring on GTV is Spaniel trainer Adrian Slater. 

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Rab - Sit, Wait now Retrieve

Adrian has started introducing memory retrieving in open space and is training Rab to be steady to retrieving using all the other previously taught obedience. 

Rab has low drive so Adrian explains what to do if your spaniel is full of energy.


Danny - Practicing And Perfecting retrieves

After a competition or a day out shooting it’s a good idea to come home and as soon as you can go over any mistakes made. In this session Adrian is going over the retrieves he did in the Danny - new area, competition style training’ video but this time in training mode not competition mode, practicing and perfecting. Danny has to ignore the distraction and pick the retrieves up the hill, taking a good line from one cast. If Danny gets it wrong it’s the correction voice not the whistle.

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Who is Adrian Slater

Who is Adrian Slater

Adrian Slater has been training gundogs for over 40 years. He has been selected and competed for the England spaniel team 14 times and he organised the England spaniel team for 4 years.

He won top overall dog at Blenheim Palace and was awarded top hunting dog twice when representing England at The Game Fair

In the main arena at Crufts you will see Adrian captivating audiences with his popular gundog displays, which he performs with his wife Caroline and his Kipperridge Gun Dogs team.

You may have also seen him at The Sandringham Flower Show, Burghley Horse Trials, The CLA Game Fair or heard him at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace, where he is one of the Gundog commentators.

Adrian is an A Panel Kennel Club spaniel judge, judging and competing in plenty of field trials and tests over the years. His most recent win was at the Welsh Kennel Club’s Open Cocker spaniel trial, at the start of December.

He has judged the English Springer Spaniel Championship on two occasions and also judged The Cocker Spaniel Championship twice.

Adrian has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of aspects of dog training which he can’t wait to show you in his new videos.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

A new retriever trainer will be launching a channel in soon.

Watch this space.

The GundogTV Team


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Frequently Asking Questions

What is GundogTV?

GundogTV is a subscription-based streaming service that allows our members to watch gundog training videos on an internet-connected device whilst they are paying a monthly subscription.     

How to get started

To start watching GundogTV:

Visit GundogTV/signup.

Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.

Enter a payment method.

As a GundogTV member, you are charged once a month on the date you signed up. 

What is included in a subscription plan?

New videos are uploaded every week plus access to previous uploaded videos.

How many training videos are there?

GundogTV adds new training videos every week to Adrian's channels. Content changes over time with each video having an average viewing lifespan of 6 months.

How do you notify me about new videos added?

All members receive an email with information about newly added videos unless they have unsubscribed from GTV emails.

I already have a GTV retriever account, will it automatically subscribe to the spaniel channel?

No. Your GTV account will remain as a retriever membership account unless you decide to switch over to the new spaniel channel.

Can I cancel any time?

You can cancel online at any time by following these simple steps.

1.    Sign in to your GundogTV account.

2.    Click on the arrow at the top right corner of the home page.

3.    Select 'My Account' from the drop-down list.

4.    Click on 'Cancel Membership' under the 'Purchases' section.

5.    Click 'Cancel my Membership' to confirm.